How it works

What are the next steps after you submit the completed form?

Here are the typical steps in the processing of a price quote.

  • 1 We receive your form and ask you for any missing information.
  • 2 We process the information and send you a tailored quote.
  • 3 We send you a non-binding price quote.
  • 4If you agree with it, you send us your contact and payment details (name, address, account number and code).
  • 5 You either send the goods to us or we arrange a pick-up by our courier.
  • 6 When we receive your goods, our technicians check the condition of the cartridges and packaging.
  • 7 If you’re sending the toners as an individual, we’ll draft a purchase agreement. If you’re selling them as a company, you will issue us an invoice. After we deal with the paperwork, we’ll send the money to your account within five working days.

Note: if the actual condition of the goods and packaging does not match what you reported, we’ll contact you and we will find a solution together. In extreme cases, which are very rare, we’ll send the goods back to you.