Packaging condition categories

Category A

Perfect appearance, undamaged box without any additional writing, no labels, cracks or scratches, looks like a new product straight from the manufacturer.

Category B

The box has one or two cosmetic defects and may have a label attached to it, a dented corner or a smaller inscription.

Category C

The box has three or more cosmetic defects, there may be a hole in the box, multiple labels may be attached, and it may be torn, but the product inside is always intact and in the original bag. Category C is still an unopened box.

Category D

The box is open. The box may have a perfect appearance but can just as easily be destroyed. The product does not have to be in the original bag, but must be intact and with the original seal (if the product in question has a seal).

Category E

The cartridge does not have the original packaging, but is fully functional and unused, with the seals intact. The replacement box has a label that fully identifies the cartridge.

For HP toners, indicate whether they’re in the new (dark blue with a pattern) or old packaging (light blue with white).

If you don’t know which category to assign the toner to, please send us a photo.